Polish mayor Pawel Adamowicz dies after stabbing at charity event in Gdansk

Polish mayor Pawel Adamowicz has died in hospital after being stabbed on stage at a charity event.

Poland mayor stabbed onstage at charity event, fights for life
ASSOCIATED PRESS | 2 hours ago

A convicted criminal with a knife rushed on to the stage during the finale of a charity event and stabbed a Polish mayor in the abdomen multiple times Sunday before shouting that he did it for political revenge.
WARSAW, Poland — Polish blood donors were coming forward in droves on Monday in a bid to save the life of Gdansk’s mayor, who needs transfusions after being stabbed in the heart and the abdomen while on stage at a charity event.

Doctors operated for five hours on Mayor Pawel Adamowicz, who was stabbed Sunday by an ex-convict who rushed onto the stage with a knife, carried out the attack and shouted it was political revenge against a political party Adamowicz had belonged to.

Adamowicz grabbed his belly and collapsed in front of the audience at the 27th annual fundraiser organized by the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity.

Doctors resuscitated Adamowicz on the spot and then transported him to Medical University of Gdansk, where he underwent five hours of surgery.


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