Ocars may end up without a main host

After the controversy surrounding the selection and subsequent removal of Kevin Hart as this year’s Oscars host, it’s looking increasingly like the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has, after failing to secure a new main presenter, decided to take a new tack and have various people handle parts of the show.

According to Variety, the idea right now is to have celebrities starring in little skits around the running time, with a focus on the music in the movies. Quite how it’ll work remains to be seen – the last time there was no main host, the result was a show that saw Rob Lowe singing with Snow White, a memorably bad example of the format. And while there is precedent for multiple presenters, it’s been a long time since the show has gone without a main anchor.

Whatever shape the show takes, it’s still scheduled to air on 24 February and will possibly feature shots of Oscars executives popping headache pills behind the scenes.


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