7-Year-Old Wins ASPCA Award For Rescuing More Than 1,300 Dogs From High-Kill Shelters

Seven-year-old Roman McConn of Augusta, Georgia, has saved over 1,350 dogs and 50 cats from kill shelters since the inception of his 2016 mission, Project Freedom Ride.

Together with his mother Jennifer McConn, Roman transports pets in danger of euthanization from high-kill shelters in Texas to forever homes in the Pacific Northwest.

Roman began the altruistic affair at just four-years-old when he asked family and friends to donate money to his favorite animal rescue in lieu of gifts. From there, Roman and his mother drove some 30 dogs from a kill shelter in Texas to Washington where they were adopted.

“He’s a born dog whisperer,” Crystal Eskola of Augusta Animal Services told the ASPCA

During her show, Ellen gifted Roman $20,000 for the organization. McConn said the donation, made possible through Cheerios, will cover the cost of two transports. There will be a large transport in February that will cost an estimated $15,000 with a smaller one in March around $5,000.


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